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Tony Wilson-Browder is a talented and award-winning Kentucky-based milliner who specializes in classy, stylish hats, headpieces for men and women. Born and raised in Kentucky, he constantly feels inspired by his multicultural background and his grandfather, who influenced his life. He is well-known worldwide for his exceptional craft of handcrafting hats using only top-quality materials found all over the world. At a very young age, Tony became fascinated by the craft of hat-making that he usually dismantled his mother's hat and put them back together to create new designs.

In 2010, this love for hat-making made him venture into millinery, and it's been one incredible journey ever since. Tony takes online millinery courses from the hat academy in London to improve his technique. Learning new skills and working with new materials enabled him to extend his creativity base and create more design options for women's hats. Tony has featured in many international magazines, and his ability to blend femininity with wearability has made him a favorite among celebrities. Several celebrities have worn his hats, including Angela Bassett and many spouses of NFL and NBA players, such as the wife of Naismith Hall of Famer Julius Erving.


Tony has a love for making people smile and feel good about themselves. His hats are more than just a piece of headwear; they empower his clients to move confidently through the spaces they occupy and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

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